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PullTube 1.6.19 Crack is a tool used to be able to download video files from a video streaming website. If you like to collect music videos, movie videos, and whatever videos you like, this tool can be a solution to download these videos. This tool works online or you must have an internet connection to use it. Videos that you can download for example videos from popular sites such as Youtube, Vimeo and so on.

PullTube 1.9 Full version

Pulltube is an application that you can only use on Mac OS, this application is intended for Mac users in all parts of the world. This tool is simple and fast in operation, providing full and efficient output and control due to its download speed.

Not only that, you can also extract previously downloaded videos into MP3 and M4A formats. You can download videos of whatever length you want. During the download process you can see the download status or download speed on the main window bar. And if the video you downloaded is complete, a notification tone will automatically appear.


Main features of the PullTube 1.9 Crack application

For the main features in the application, there are quite a lot and very useful for you, and it is highly recommended that you install and use it to download all your favorite videos. For more details on what features are available in this application, here is the full review;

  • YouTube and Vimeo ; the site is the most popular site that provides a lot of quality and worldwide videos. You can download all existing videos with this application.
  • 4K, HD and 60fps support ; can download videos with sharp and clear results. Also supports 60fps speed when downloading videos.
  • Video to Audio ; In addition to downloading with MP4 results, this application can also directly convert from video files to sound files with one tap.
  • Beautiful and Flexible Interface ; simple appearance but still has an attractive design for the user interface.
  • Supports Youtube and Vimeo ; It is compatible with the most popular sites, namely Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Download Video In Any Format Available ; You can download many videos with various download formats that you can use, namely MP4, MP3, M4A and others
  • Mp3 And M4a ; You can save or change the downloaded videos that you do in Mp3 and M4a format.
  • Dark User Interface ; There is a dark theme in this application which looks more elegant and comfortable to look at.
  • Mac 11 ; will run more optimally on the latest Mac versions
  • Bug ; there are bug fixes from the previous version


OS and Hardware Requirements for the PullTube 1.6.19 Crack installation process

For the conditions that you must meet when you want to do the installation is not difficult. Because this application is compatible with Mac OS X, OS X, and macOS on previous versions and it is recommended to use the latest version of each compatible OS. Here is a list of compatible OS;

  • Compatible with Mac OS X Kodiak, 10.0 or Cheetah, 10.1 or Puma, 10.2 or Jaguar, 10.3 or Panther, 10.4 or Tiger, 10.5 or Leopard, 10.6 or Snow Leopard and later</li >
  • Supported with OS X 10.7 or Lion, 10.8 or Mountain Lion, 10.9 or Mavericks, 10.10 or Yosemite, 10.11 or El Capitan
  • Can used in macOS 10.12 or Sierra, 10.13 or High Sierra, 10.14 or Mojave, 10.15 or Catalina, 11.0 or Big Sur, 12.0 or Monterey and later
  • PullTube 1.6.19 Crack Compatible with Hardware: Intel, Apple Chip (M1) and PowerPC Mac.

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